Effective Endometriosis Treatment with Laparoscopic Surgery by Dr. Shinjini Pande

As we all know, most women have a lot of health problems, and one of them, which is common these days, is Endometriosis. So, for those who are new and unaware of this, then for your understanding, let me tell you, it is the abnormal growth of tissues outside the uterine lining. It is observed mostly in women and girls of reproductive age. Dr. Shinjini Pande is best Endometriosis Surgeon In Mumbai.

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Endometriosis Treatment Surgeon

Endometriosis Treatment


Endometriosis can be treated with some advanced methods as mentioned below:-


  • New oral medications

As per recent studies, new oral medications have been introduced to treat endometriosis pain.


  •  Cannabis for Endometriosis

Cannabis or cannabinoids helps to restore the imbalance of the endocannabinoid system that contributes to the endometriosis symptom. Therefore using Cannabis can help you to reduce pain and stop relying on pain medications.


  • Pelvic floor physical therapy

 It is found that performing regular pelvic activities can help you reduce symptoms like pelvic pain and painful intercourse. It also helps to improve pelvic relaxation in women.


  • Surgery

Laparoscopy surgery is considered as one of the effective surgery for treating pelvic pain and bowel-related symptoms of Endometriosis. This is the most effective solution because if the lesions are not removed completely, then there are chances of Endometriosis coming back. Dr. Shinjini Pande is one of the best Laparoscopic endometriosis surgeon in mumbai.

Endometriosis Symptoms

Here are some of the common symptoms of Endometriosis. But, these symptoms may vary from person to person, and even some may not experience this at all.


  • Painful period:

Pelvic pain is one of the common symptoms observed by most women, along with cramping. It may begin before the periods start and might be extended a few days later. You may also notice abdominal cramps and lower back pain.


  • Pain with bowel moments or urination:

These symptoms are mostly experienced during the menstrual periods.


  • Pain during intercourse:

You might experience pain while having sex or even after that.


  • Excessive bleeding:

You might occasionally experience excessive bleeding between your periods.


  • Infertility:

This symptom is diagnosed when one is taking infertility treatment.


  • Other signs and symptoms:

During your menstrual periods, you may also experience nausea, fatigue, diarrhoea, constipation & bloating.

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Endometrisosis Diagnosis

Endometriosis can be treated effectively with the proper diagnosis. So, your doctor will perform one or more of the below tests to diagnose this issue.


  • Detailed History

Your doctor will examine you and note down all your health details and also if there is any history of Endometriosis in your family. Also, your doctor can perform the health assessment to examine if there are any other long term disorders.


  • Ultrasound 

Your doctor may perform a transvaginal or abdominal ultrasound to examine the ovary. In Transvaginal ultrasound, the doctor may insert the transducer into your vagina. These ultrasounds will provide images of the reproductive organs, which helps the doctors identify the cysts present in the ovary.


This is the only method that helps to diagnose Endometriosis by viewing it through the small surgery known as laparoscopy. And once it is diagnosed, the tissue can be removed using the same procedure.


  • MRI:

MRI is another test that can be used to diagnose Endometriosis. It is used to view the severe form of the disease when the ovarian cysts affect the vagina, bladder or rectum. It is also used to diagnose extra pelvic Endometriosis in the lungs and diaphragm.

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Bowel Endometriosis

In this, the tissues similar to the endometriosis tissue grow inside or on the intestine’s surface. Most of the time, it occurs in the lower part of the intestine, which is just above the rectum.

  • Pain during bowel movement
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Straining with bowel movements
  • Rectal bleeding

Dr. Shinjini Pande is best Bowel Endometriosis Surgeon In Mumbai.

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Urinary endometriosis

This is one of the rare conditions that one can experience. When it is formed on the surface of the bladder, it is known as superficial Endometriosis. When it is formed on the inner side of the bladder, it is known as deep Endometriosis.

Symptoms of bladder endometriosis may include:
  • Feeling to urinate urgently
  • Frequent urination
  • Pain when the bladder is full
  • Burning or painful sensations when passing urine
  • Blood in the urine
  • Pelvic pain
  • Lower back pain on one side

Dr. Shinjini Pande is best Endometriosis Surgeon In Mumbai.

For more details of Endometriosis and to get it treated, you can contact us on +918591994290 or fill in the contact us form.

Endometriosis In Teens

Many girls who are diagnosed with Endometriosis have started noticing the symptoms in their teen years. Endometriosis has the same symptoms similar to the normal periods, so sometimes it becomes difficult to figure out if something is wrong.

You can consult us immediately when the pain your teen experiences:
  • Makes her uncomfortable when going to school or performing physical activities like sports.
  • Happens a few days before or after her periods date.
  • Doesn’t improve even after taking the OTC painkillers.


Endometriosis Diet

Our diet also plays a major role while treating any health issue. So here are some food items to eat and avoid when treating Endometriosis.

Food to eat:
  • Food rich in fibre: Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes, and Whole Grains
  • Iron-rich food: Dark leafy greens, Broccoli, Beans, Fortified grains, Nuts, and Seeds
  • Food rich in Fatty acids: Salmon, Sardines, Herring, Trout, Walnuts, Chia, And Flax Seeds
  • Antioxidant-rich food: Oranges, Berries, Dark Chocolate, Spinach, And Beetroot


Food to avoid:
  • Food rich in Trans Fat
  • Red Meat
  • Gluten

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